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Friends of First Nations​

Welcome to our Website. This video titled "Native Apology Resolution" touches on the horrific pain our First Nations People who have suffered over 500 years. Both the United States Government and the Church were directly involved with much of the injustices committed against the Host People of this land. One very painful story is the Sand Creek Massacre, where hundreds of Native men, women, children, and babies were murdered by the U.S. Calvary. This senseless massacre was led by Colonel Chivington, a Methodist Pastor. The Bible says: Innocent blood curses the land. Numbers 35:33-35. America is under a curse! Please take the time to watch this short video.

                                                      A time to Apologize - A time to Forgive - A time to Heal

           To begin the healing process we believe a nationally televised verbal apology should be given to the First Nations People of America from the President and members of Congress to make things right, otherwise, we will continue to reap what we have sown and the curses will keep coming. The Prime Minister of Canada, "Steven Harper" apologized to the Indigenous people of Canada in June 2008 and the healing began. Now is the time for America. Would you agree? President Obama signed an apology but never verbally apologized. Is that an apology??? 

    We want to thank Michael Lienau for sharing this video. Other films produced by Michael Lienau are "Healing American Wounds" as well as "Yokes And Chains."

Future healing initiative

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