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 This video titled “Native Apology Resolution” touches on the horrific pain our First Nations People who have suffered for over 500 years. Both the United States Government and the Church were directly involved with much of the injustices committed against the Host People of this land. One very painful story is the Sand Creek Massacre, where hundreds of Native men, women, children, and babies were murdered by the U.S. Calvary. This senseless massacre was led by Colonel Chivington, a Methodist Pastor. The Bible says: Innocent blood curses the land. Numbers 35:33-35. America is under a curse! Please take the time to watch this short video.

  A Time to Apologize – A Time to Forgive – A Time to Heal

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   Hello to our website visitors. My wife Lynnette and I have been sharing God’s agape love “one on one” for over the past twenty-five years. We began our journey with God in Tampa, Florida way back in 1994 ministering on the streets to the homeless and housing both men and women. During that time, Bill acquired a vision for unity from the Lord. It was about bringing together a variety of ministries, businesses, and churches to address the needs of others on the streets and promote God’s love. At some point, after that, the Dineharts began outdoor gatherings celebrating the Lord’s feasts and agape feasts to help the poor. 

  Then in 2007, we acquired a motor home, put our household items in storage, and told our boys to hop in the camper with our pets too. We headed north by the leading of the Lord here to Cherokee country where we continued to promote agape love with our First Nations people, beginning with the Cherokee Nation Tribal Indians. Miracles began shortly after we arrived in 2007 and the first apology ever given to the Cherokee people in one hundred and seventy years began on May 30th, 2008. That event was called a “Day of Remembrance”. On that special day, three well-respected government representatives (Senator John Snow N.C., Congressman Zack WampT.N., and N.C. State Representative Roger West)gave an apology to the Cherokee Nation for the infamous “Trail of Tears” of which thousands of men, women, and children, from numerous First Nations Tribes, died walking 800 miles out west to Oklahoma in 1830-1838. 

       On August 8, 2008, we held another First Nations healing and restoration gathering. A week before the event, a gentleman and his wife showed up. Online, they read about what the Lord was doing here in Murphy, and two days before the event, they bought us a 40’x60′ tent for the continued healing of our First Nations people. The eight-day event was a wonderful success. Numerous Native Tribes came from all over America to join in this healing ceremony and many were grateful for all God was doing. Since that event, the tent has traveled to numerous cities, from Washington DC to Oklahoma and elsewhere, continuing its journey for justice and the healing of hearts.  

     At present, the tent is set up 40’x40′, for continued prayer for our First Nations people and now for the healing of America and elsewhere. We believe prayer and guidance from God’s Holy Spirit are now paramount and providentially needed to turn things around locally, nationally, and globally.  We also believe, that unity within our communities and churches will be desperately needed for the upcoming difficult times ahead.

    As the Lord was able to bring together businesses, ministries, and churches in Tampa, Florida, (See the article in the Tampa Tribune about the “Feast of Plenty”) to address the needs of others, Father God can do it again here in Murphy as well with those who have His agape love, like minds and hearts. Biblically speaking, it is the goal of our instruction (1Timothy 1:5) So, let’s try to work together, worship together, bring glory to God together and prepare for the storms ahead. 

     In the meantime, we will continue to promote healing, harmony, and agape love to and with our First Nations People, hopefully restoring dignity and honor to our Host Nations and also striving to bring the same to all peoples of the world. 

Below, you will find a very moving, but somewhat disturbing video, revealing painful truths, broken treaties, and tragedies affecting our Host Peoples of North America for over the past 400 years. Please understand that Father God is trying to reach all His children with the Good News of Jesus Christ, but unfortunately, most of the time, His “GOSPEL TRUTH” was not revealed to the First Nations People through the loving eyes of Christ. God is moving among all the Nations and especially the First Nations, so please pray according. Make sure you see our “Journey tab”, for the great awesome things God has done so far. To be continued…

In Christ agape love, Bill and Lynnette Dinehart

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