About Us

Our Journey for Justice and Righteousness

A Vision is Born

Over the past 12 years, the Lord has been placing a burden on our hearts of a wound that needs to be healed. Apparently, reconciliation is still needed between the First Nations People and our country. Our eyes and ears were opened in 2006, to this in Leesburg Florida at a Methodist conference sponsored by SEJANAM. The scars from the Trail of Tears that runs from East to West have hindered a move of God in this country. The innocent blood cries out from the ground as Abel’s did in the Garden of Eden. As the countenance of Cain fell so will judgment fall on this country unless true national repentance comes first. Covenant breaking and murder cause countries to come under curses. God’s mercy triumphs over judgment either individually or nationally but only if there is Godly repentance and reconciliation. We and others are presently working towards that end. We are currently living in Marble, North Carolina (Cherokee County) continuing with the Lord’s Work here.

Our Heart

   Our heart for helping those in need will never change. We started 24 years ago by starting a homeless ministry for the down and out. We never looked back. We are called according to God’s purpose and to promote unity and healing with all people… If you would like to help us with the restoration of the nations, please let us know by contacting us at: friendsoffirstnations@gmail.com

Why Us?

Our country has major spots and blemishes that can no longer be ignored. These are the broken covenants and harsh treatment given to our brothers and sisters, the First Nations People. We must come to true repentance in our hearts, not saying to ourselves” Oh I didn’t have anything to do with breaking those covenants” and “I wasn’t born then, so it has nothing to do with me, it’s just part of our American History”. Ask yourself “Do I really believe the Word of God?” Many will answer and say” It’s all under the Blood. We the people of God must get hold of the truth and enlighten this nation about the sin and atrocities committed against these people. Not only from the past but what is also happening in this present day. This nation is still breaking covenants (treaties) currently. As God sent Jonah to the city of Nineveh, revealing to us, that it too must repent for defiling the land by the shedding of innocent blood (Numbers 35:33-34) and the breaking of hundreds of covenants. Therefore, if we desire to see God bring revival to our land, repentance is the door that brings restoration. From the White House to your house. Pray for God to reveal this Truth to you, our churches, and our government.