Welcome. Our mission over the past 25 years has been to do the Lord’s work to the best of our abilities. In 1994, my wife Lynnette and I began serving the Lord in Tampa, Florida, where we opened up a ministry to the homeless. It was successful for several years. In 2000 we were ordained under “Agape Evangelistic Mission” and began ministering God’s love and Truth in multiple ethnic churches, then uniting these churches for many outdoor Gatherings called Agape-Fest, embracing charity and evangelism. Years later we began a church in Zephyrhills, Florida, but in 2006, we were led to buy a motor home and go north on an unknown mission trip for God. After many months, we landed in Marble, N.C. Shortly after exiting the motor-home and renting a house, our ministry with the First Nations People began. See our journey tab for some amazing facts about what the Lord has done here in little Marble, N.C. which began with a man having a dream in South Africa about the Trail of Tears.

  So, we now try to bring awareness to the painful past of our First Nations People, offer hope, healing, and try to bring honor back to the First Nations Tribes of America. In the future, we are hoping to build the first“First Nations Healing Memorial Park” here in Marble, N.C. on the 24 acres which we have leased for over 12 years. We also believe a First Nations Healing Memorial needs to be built in D.C. also.

  Many Native Americans believe God is moving among them including Dr. Negiel Bigpond from Two Rivers Training Center. He is annually spearheading an event called All Tribes D.C.  Forgiveness and unity, are but a few prayer points high-lighting the day. 

  Please watch this uplifting video below titled Awakened which is sponsored by Ron and Tyda Harvey. It briefly describes what we believe to be the next spiritual awakening among First Nations People spoken about by the late Rev. Billy Graham in 1975.

  Please consider joining us as we continue on our journey to bring hope and healing to our land and our First Nations People. We are members of a Tri-state alliance of churches and ministries called the Appalachian Awakening. We will continue to come together for prayer and direction for this season.

Peace and Love…

Bill and Lynnette Dinehart (Agape Evangelistic Mission)

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