Rev. K. Bill Dinehart

Rev. K. Bill Dinehart

(Agape Evangelistic Mission) Tampa, Fl.

Keith William (Bill) Dinehart is a well-balanced individual with a background in a variety of business ventures including a long history of humanitarian enterprises. He holds an A.S. degree in management and has always had a passion to help people. His humanitarian efforts began in 1980-84 by him committing four years of his life to serve in the United States Coast Guard. After departing from the U.S.C.G. Mr. Dinehart founded a construction company and began framing houses for a large corporation.

Several years later, Keith left the construction industry and turned his attention to apartment management and maintenance, overseeing multiple house rentals and apartment dwellings. Unfortunately, due to injuries sustained while in the military, his physical health began to hinder his work abilities, and turned his attention to helping others through service-minded businesses. He started by forming a business called The American Way, Inc. which was a grocery delivery service to senior and disabled shut-ins.

In 1993 Keith married his wife Lynnette and shortly after they were wed, started a housing program for homeless men and women. Keith believed that the needs were great and something further had to be developed to solve the homeless problem. He then established a task force and began networking with businesses and charities to meet those needs. Friends of Tampa Bay was a business developed to meet that need and was successful for many years.

Keith and his wife left the Tampa Bay area in 2007 and got reestablished in Marble, N.C. Once there, they began developing relationships with their neighbors and Host Nations people and found similar problems affecting these people groups as well. So they began hosting events that would directly affect both groups. See (Day of Remembrance) news articles for more details. They started holding outdoor festivals feeding the poor and networking with local businesses.