Trail of Tears Memorial Park

A Vision from God titled:

“Frozen in Time”

  While in prayer several years ago, the presence of God fell upon me, and I began to weep uncontrollably. In the vision, I saw what appeared to be a First Nations family frozen in time. This family was walking in knee-deep snow, several children trailing their parents, but were falling to the ground in the snow, looking almost dead or near death. I believe God’s Spirit was showing me a glimpse of what He saw during the forced removal of our First Nations People from 1830-1838, to Oklahoma, 800 miles away. We are all familiar with “The Trail of Tears.”

  I believe the Lord desires a “Trail of Tears Healing Memorial Park” to be built, here in Marble, N.C. Not only to remember these tragic events but to promote much-needed hope and healing to the Host People of our land. There were over a dozen tribes who were forcibly removed. The Choctaw were the first to be removed in 1831, three thousand died that year, titling the event; “The Trail of Tears of Death.” The Cherokee and the Euchee were the last to be forcibly removed, where over four thousand died in 1838. From that date on, the newspapers in New York and many others began to call it the “Trail of Tears.” Shameful history. Even President Kennedy said something needed to right this terrible wrong. There are presently 567 federally recognized Native American Tribes in America. We also feel the need for a memorial park in Washington, DC. The First Nations People need to be remembered, honored, and respected again… Thus the name for the memorial: is “All Tribes Healing Memorial Park.”

Trail of Tears Healing Memorial Park

We can begin by building the memorial here in Murphy where the first apology was given by governmental officials. Please see the official interview video: “Day of Remembrance.” Other memorials can be built across America if it is God’s will. Foremost, what is desperately needed, is a nationally televised apology given by the President to the First Nations People, so the healing can begin. Canada’s parliament did so in 2008 and was nationally televised. There has never been any memorial built to corporately honor the First Nations People of America. Museums yes, memorials no! So, let’s repent of our past mistakes, promote a new beginning for America, and together build Trail of Tears Healing Memorial Park and hopefully start to bring healing to our land. Below, are a few examples of what could be built, here in Marble, N.C. If you have any ideas or some positive suggestions, please feel free to email us at

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